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About Us

About Us

SS Printers is engaged in providing IT and printer services for a range of customers from home users, SME’s to large corporates. Our approach is now and always will be to look after each customer as they are our only and most important one, this has attributed to our amazing growth year on year.

We offer repair services for office equipment, including fax machines, laser printers, colour laser printers, HP Designjet, Plotters and Photocopiers. We also supply ink & toner cartridges, drum and image units, maintenance and transfer kits and other machine consumables

All of our engineers are trained on and off the field and we expect the highest quality from them and this is reflected in the positive feedback we receive. We expect a high level of customer service from our engineers and always make sure that our customers feel they have been looked after.

Repairing the Full Spectrum of Printing Technologies.

With more thana decade of experience in repairing the full spectrum of printing technologies including laser, thermal, line matrix, inkjet and solid wax printers, SS Printers has evolved as the become the largest independent, printer repair company. Being independent, SS Printers can provide free and independent advice on many different printing products.

Many of our clients have unique printing requirements and with our portfolio of products and skills we can recommend the right machine for the job… and of course, support it for you too. Whenever possible we obtain manufacturer accreditation which gives direct access to spare parts and training to ensure the best possible service provision. As such we are the service provider of choice for many printer manufacturers and users alike.

Our Mission

We understand that keeping you and your clients’ personal information secure is a priority.  Our team is HIPAA certified, and we use a state of the art software system in order to keep all of your data private and secure.

Our Vision

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are trained in all things healthcare.  We have developed systematic procedures in order to move your projects along as expediently as possible to provide you with a great customer service experience.

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